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Abstract Since Mikamo developed the double blepharoplasty technique at the end of the 19th century, there has been ificant developments in the idealized periorbital appearance of the Asian patient.

Currently there are four potential vectors of change possible upper, lower, medial, and lateral. South Korea is the only country that most often utilizes the change in all four vectors.

There is additionally a stark contrast between Asia-based and Western-based approach to the Asian eyes. In Asia, outside of South Korea, many surgeries employ a combined vertical upward vector and a medial directional change, particularly for the young eyes. In Western-based approaches, Asian blepharoplasty remains at this time primarily an Seeking phone sex ads 18 bondage playmate incision, upward vector change.

Keywords: Asian blepharoplasty, lateral canthoplasty, double eyelid surgery, medial epicanthoplasty, epicanthus, Mongolian fold, aegyo-sal love band The perception of beauty and attractiveness is one of Slim smooth asian needed likes and pleasures.

Undoubtedly, the eyes represent a key defining factor of facial attractiveness.

The quest for everlasting beauty hinges on the appearance of the eyes. Most Asians lack a double eyelid fold.

Similarly, the ancient Chinese favored single-folded eyelids and almond-shaped eyes.