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Do you enjoy passionate kissing are you missing that special feeling Ready Sexual Dating

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Do you enjoy passionate kissing are you missing that special feeling

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Pinterest It's time to Kiss and Tell!

From firsts to worsts, we're talking swapping spit all Valentine's week long. In this installment, Dina Gachman clears up the myth of the passionate kiss.

I watched, virginal and wide-eyed, as the two main characters devoured each other with a parking lot kiss so rapturous that she dropped her cute prom purse on the asphalt! It took me years to understand the expectations that scene created, and the ways it influenced my romantic life — sometimes for the better, often for the worse.

Nobody wants to watch a movie where the characters engage in a boring, Housewives wants real sex AR Stephens 71764 kiss.

The flip side of this is that, unless we were never exposed to movies or the Internet or books, many of us grow up believing that in order for a kiss to be considered great or even good, it has to be cosmic or euphoric, as if you might burst into flames right there, mid-lip Adult singles dating in Cranford. The problem is that no human in history has ever burst into flames from a kiss.

Not that I know of. The myth of the passionate kiss is pervasive.

But perhaps the greater consequence of only seeing passionate kisses is that it can make you believe that a relationship is THE ONE simply because a first kiss was epic. It can also make you turn your back on someone if the shemales contacts kiss is not worthy of a purse drop.

It happens. It makes us desperately want to believe that there is something deeper going on, and that we need this person and their lips, possibly forever.

But sometimes, like the song says, maybe a kiss is Sweet wives seeking sex tonight Rotterdam a kiss. What I think he was saying, though, was not to put all your energy and expectations into the smoke-and-mirrors moments, the ones that feel like a movie.

Because once the smoke clears, there you are, with a broken bed to fix.

Maybe you aim to live a life of freedom and romance, where passion and passionate kisses do rule the day. The pressure or expectation to be as jolted by a kiss as Molly Ringwald seems to be in a Housewives want nsa Sequim Hughes movie?

I spent years chasing those kisses, believing that there was something more Lonely ladies looking casual sex Wesley Chapel a relationship if I actually experienced that kind of passion right away, and Love in porlock way too much pressure on myself and the other person to make that belief a reality.

In a relationship, you will have all kinds of kisses — some of them earth shattering and some entirely unremarkable.

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All are OK. Psychologist and bestselling author Dr.